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Rhianna's VLOG: How Hockey Trades Affect Families

When your husband gets traded to another team, it can be a great thing for his career but an upsetting transition for the family unit.  In this All Things Hockey Wives exclusive, Rhianna Weaver shares how Mike's trade from Florida to Montreal affected their family.

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Taylor Winnik Combats Depression with Kickboxing

Taylor Winnik takes a class with martial arts instructor and ruthless taskmaster, Jorge. Kickboxing is one of the many tactics Taylor utilizes to combat depression, keep active, and of course give herself a new big challenge. Question is.... does she kick butt or get her butt kicked???

Check out this ET CANADA Exclusive: Taylor Throws Down

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The Hockey Wives learn to SURF in Laguna Beach,, sort of!

Rhianna faces her fear of sharks, and Martine braves the waves, while Taylor captures it all on camera in this ET CANADA Exclusive


Photo via Taylor Winnik

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Kodette's VLOG: Keys to a Successful Road Trip

Kodette reveals what happens in the LaBarbera-mobile during long road trips and what music on her phone she can't live without (you won't believe the artists)!

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Rhianna Weaver and Martine Forget take Baby Shower Cakes to the Next Level...

Rhianna & Martine pick up a "UNIQUE" cake for Angela Price's baby shower...

Find out what it is in this ET CANADA Exclusive HERE

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Ashley's VLOG: Memories of Russia

When Ashley Booth traveled to Vladivostok, Russia to live with David as he played in the KHL, Ashley's life was turned upside down.  You won't want to miss this All Things Hockey Wives exclusive Vlog.

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Tayor Winnik Visits The Toronto Humane Society

Taylor Winnik combines her two passions: photography and animals when she visits The Toronto Humane Society to photograph dogs available for adoption.  You won’t want to miss this heartwarming scene from Episode 214 of Hockey Wives.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: What it Means to Be a Mother with Martine and Rhianna

Rhianna Weaver and Martine Forget explain what it means for them to be a mother, the hardships of giving birth while your husband is on the road, and a must hear story from Martine in this ATHW exclusive!

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Taylor's VLOG: Dealing with Depression

Taylor opens up about her battle with depression, and how having a sense of purpose within her career is essential.

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Hockey Wives Blooper Reel

In this All Things Hockey Wives exclusive, see the craziest outtakes from season 2 that were too outrageous to air!

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Martine Forget & Jonathan Bernier Featured in HELLO! Canada's Most Beautiful 2016

Congrats to Martine & Jonathan on being selected by HELLO! Canada for their coveted annual list!

Check them out here: HELLO! Canada's Most Beautiful 2016

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ET CANADA EXCLUSIVE: Champagne Nights in Playa Del Carmen

In this ET Canada Web Exclusive, Martine, Taylor, Keshia & Sarah toast to a great vacation while an "unexpected friend" surprises Keshia when she least expects it!


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Keshia's VLOG: Balancing Career & Relationships

Keshia explains how she finds balance between her career and her relationship in this ATHW exclusive.

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ET Canada Exlusive: Tiffany Talks Holidays with the Parros Family

Tiffany opens up about how the Parros family celebrate the holidays, and reveals the one drink that makes George's mom "drop it like it's hot."

ET Canada Exclusive: Parros Family Traditions

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Maripier Morin: What's in My Purse

In this ET CANADA exclusive, Maripier opens up the contents of her handbag to reveal the items she can't live without!

WATCH: What's in my Purse with Maripier Morin on ET CANADA

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Paige's VLOG: Injuries in Hockey

In this ET Canada Exclusive, Paige opens up about dealing with injuries in hockey, and how it affects the whole family.

WATCH: Paige Getzlaf on ET CANADA 

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Heads up with the Wives: Martine VS Rhianna

You won't want to miss this fun exclusive for ET CANADA. Martine and Rhianna go "head to head" in this hilarious game of charades.


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Angela's Vlog: Life With Dogs

When Carey & Angela Price lost their dogs, Motty & Duke, the power of social media brought them home.  You won't want to miss this ATHW exclusive Vlog from Angela.

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WEB Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at World MasterCard Fashion Week

Go behind the scenes in this ATHW Web Exclusive as Keshia, Taylor, Daniel and Jonathan support Martine and Ashley as they walk the runway at World MasterCard Fashion Week!

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Ashley Booth: How Southern Are You?

Ashley Booth gets quizzed about Southern sayings.  Watch this All Things Hockey Wives exclusive video to see if she passes the test!

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Keshia's VLOG: Getting Involved With the Other Wives to Overcome Depression

Keshia Chanté‎ opens up about how she overcame bouts of depression by connecting with other teammate's wives.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Maripier &Rhianna get Cheryl Torrenueva's Outdoor Living Style Advice

Cheryl Torrenueva (Simply Cher Cher on the Kin Community) meets up with MP and Rhianna to shop for MP's cabana.  After this, be sure to check out MP's channel "Pardon My French" on the Kin Community!

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The LaBarbera Family Featured in The Hockey News

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Martine's VLOG: My First Time in the Wives' Room

Martine describes the feeling of walking into the wives' room for the first time, and how she embarrassingly dealt with the pressure!

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HOCKEY DOGS... The Hockey Wives New Spin-Off Series??

W Network has green-lit a NEW series called Hockey Dogs!

You’ve seen the players and met the wives, now get ready for the untold story of the Hockey Dogs – the new Hockey Wives spin-off series premieres this Summer only on W Network.

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Ashley Booth: What's in My Purse?!

Ashley Booth opens up the contents of her handbag to reveal the items she can't live without! 

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Taylor's Vlog - My First Date With Daniel

Taylor shares the story of her first date with Daniel.  You won't believe what Dan likes to wear when he cooks...  Find out in this All Things Hockey Wives Exclusive.

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Web Exclusive: Ashley and Maria Shop for David's Pre-Season Game

Ashley Booth and her friend Maria Montgomery (Miss Kentucky USA 2009) shop for "hockey rink appropriate" clothing  for David's first pre-season game.  The two draw comparisons between professional hockey and the pageant world in this All Things Hockey Wives Web Exclusive.

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David & Ashley Booth Sit Down with Roz on ET CANADA

David and Ashley Booth stopped by the Entertainment Tonight Canada studio to talk about the new season of Hockey Wives.

Watch their interview here!

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The Getzlaf Golf Shootout for Cure Duchenne

Now in it's 5th year, each summer, Paige and Ryan Getzlaf host the Getzlaf Golf Shootout in Newport Beach, Califorina. The two-day charity golf event brings together athletes, celebrities and community leaders, all teaming up in support of CureDuchenne.

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VIDEO: Watch the Trailer for *NEW* Episodes of Hockey Wives!

Can't wait for NEW episodes of Hockey Wives? Neither can we!

Check out the NEW Hockey Wives trailer here 

"I knew it would be hard, I didn't know it would be this hard."

Brand new episodes begin Wednesday March 16, 2016 on W Network.

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LISTEN: Ashley and David Booth on TSN 1050 Richards 1-4

"Being authentic a must on Hockey Wives

LISTEN to Ashley and David Booth on TSN 1050 discuss their experience in the Russian KHL and what is coming up on *NEW* epsidoes of Hockey Wives 

Follow TSN 1050 on Twitter


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Maripier's VLOG: Finding Your Passion

MP breaks down the keys to her success, and how to find your passion in life when your future is unknown.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Angela and Her College Roommate Talk Baby Price

In this Hockey Wives Web Exclusive, Angela Price sits down with her college roommate to discuss the process of getting pregnant, how Carey reacted, and what would happen if the baby was born during  playoffs.

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Taylor Volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society

During her second season in Toronto, Taylor wanted to get involved with The Toronto Humane Society, who do great work in the city promoting protection and preventing cruelty of animals. She took out her camera and used her background in photography and production to help them capture images of their new recruits up for adoption at the shelter.

Check out Taylor's photos of adoptable dogs and cats from the Toronto Humane Society

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Angela Price featured on This Mom Loves

Angela Price talked with This Mom blogger about her pregnancy, her hockey husband Carey Price, life in the Twittersphere and everything in between. Check out the full interview below:

Angela Price: The Hockey Wives Momterview* (*mom-to-be!)

"At home, we're just the same as any other couple. We're not talking about hockey, not talking about the Habs, just normal everyday things."

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Noureen's Dream Valentine's Day

With a husband on the road, Valentine's Day often happens miles apart for a hockey wife.  Watch Noureen creatively dream up her ideal Valentine's day in this video!

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Noureen's Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Noureen lets us in on know how she "subtly" asks for Valentine's Day gifts from Ryan.  You won't want to miss this hilarious video!

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Rhianna's VLOG - Our Family in the Off-Season

Rhianna reveals how she and Mike spend quality family time together in the off-season, and their unusual living arrangements.

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VIDEO: Mid-Season Finale Sneak Peek

Watch the exclusive sneak peek of this Thursday's episode below!


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Web Exclusive: MP and Brandon Shop for Nadine's Christening

In this fun Hockey Wives Web Exclusive, Maripier and Brandon visit London Ontario to pick out jewellery for Brandon's niece's christening gift.

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Maripier reveals how she has overcome obstacles in her life, and how pursuing your passion is best done with the ones you love.

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Paige describes meeting Ryan for the first time, their magical marriage and their one-year anniversary honeymoon.

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Maripier sits down with ET Canada to share the emotional moment when Brandon got traded.  You won't want to miss it! 

CLICK HERE to watch!


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Martine Forget and Angela Price spill secrets from ‘Hockey Wives’

Hello! sat down with the fun and personable duo to talk about the second season of their hit documentary series Hockey Wives (Wednesdays, W Network), life with their partners and the monumental milestones they’ll share with viewers.


Click HERE to watch the video

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Music Featured in Season 2


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Taylor Winnik reveals how she met Daniel while he was playing in San Jose, and how she realized he was more than just a friend while she was walking on a beach in Thailand.


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Web Exclusive: Tiffany & Kodette in the Kitchen

In this All Things Hockey Wives web exclusive, Kodette hangs out in Tiffany's kitchen while they prepare a meal to watch the NHL awards.

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In Ashley's VLOG this week, she reveals how she met David on Twitter, had their first date and eventually got married all in under a year.  You won't want to miss this one!



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HELLO! Canada sat down with Martine Forget & Angela Price for a rapidfire face off.

CLICK HERE to watch the video!

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