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Rhianna's VLOG: How Hockey Trades Affect Families

When your husband gets traded to another team, it can be a great thing for his career but an upsetting transition for the family unit.  In this All Things Hockey Wives exclusive, Rhianna Weaver shares how Mike's trade from Florida to Montreal affected their family.

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Taylor Winnik Combats Depression with Kickboxing

Taylor Winnik takes a class with martial arts instructor and ruthless taskmaster, Jorge. Kickboxing is one of the many tactics Taylor utilizes to combat depression, keep active, and of course give herself a new big challenge. Question is.... does she kick butt or get her butt kicked???

Check out this ET CANADA Exclusive: Taylor Throws Down

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Taylor's VLOG: Dealing with Depression

Taylor opens up about her battle with depression, and how having a sense of purpose within her career is essential.

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Find out what the Hockey Wives would tell their younger selves if they could, including how to deal with body images issues, where to focus their energy, and see which of the wives wouldn't change a thing.

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Fitness Tips from the Hockey Wives

The wives share their best advice for getting fit and staying that way for the long term, especially for busy women and moms

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Why Hockey for Girls

Jenny Scrivens and Nicole Brown, both former hockey players themselves, explain why hockey is great for women. 

Nicole and Jenny are friends who love to talk hockey together. Jenny actually met her husband, Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens, while playing hockey at Cornell University in New York.

Follow Jenny Scrivens on Instagram for images of both hers and Ben's hockey adventures. 

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