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Tayor Winnik Visits The Toronto Humane Society

Taylor Winnik combines her two passions: photography and animals when she visits The Toronto Humane Society to photograph dogs available for adoption.  You won’t want to miss this heartwarming scene from Episode 214 of Hockey Wives.

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Maripier's VLOG: Finding Your Passion

MP breaks down the keys to her success, and how to find your passion in life when your future is unknown.

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Taylor Volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society

During her second season in Toronto, Taylor wanted to get involved with The Toronto Humane Society, who do great work in the city promoting protection and preventing cruelty of animals. She took out her camera and used her background in photography and production to help them capture images of their new recruits up for adoption at the shelter.

Check out Taylor's photos of adoptable dogs and cats from the Toronto Humane Society

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Maripier reveals how she has overcome obstacles in her life, and how pursuing your passion is best done with the ones you love.

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Emilie Blum: "What the Military Taught Me"

Before Emilie met Jon, she was an Intelligence Analyst in the US military. Emilie shares the best life lessons that her military career taught her and talks about her basic training videos she created for her blog Ebee's World.


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Building a Personal Brand with Jenny Scrivens

Jenny shares her advice as a communications expert for women who want to define and build a personal brand, including what aspects of their life and presentation they should be examining to put the best foot forward, and managing both your online and offline presence.



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Martine Forget on Modelling

Martine Forget has been modelling since she was only 14 years old, but the latest challenge she's facing in Hockey Wives is getting into shape after the birth of her first baby with fiance Jonathan Bernier. In this video she looks back at her career and shares other stories and learning experiences, like what it was like to be on the Quebec version of The Price is Right. 

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Brijet Whitney, wife of 23-year NHL vet Ray Whitney, is a mother of three, the creator of an online hockey wives community, Obsessions of a Hockey Wife, and a choreographer. In this video she shares the story of one of her biggest challenges as a choreographer and gives us tips for standing out in an audition.

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Tiffany Parros on How to Start a Business

We talked to Tiffany Parros about her business challenges and goals as the creator and owner of Plain Threads and got her best advice for starting your own business.

Tiffany's mantra for her clothing line is "If I'm not wearing it, I'm not selling it and if I can't find it, I'm going to make it." We're really into Tiffany's easy, sexy designs. 

Check out husband George's line, Violent Gentlemen, as well. 

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