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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Kodette & Jason Go-Karts

In this All Things Hockey Wives web exclusive, Kodette and Jason blow off some playoff season hitting the Go-Kart track!

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"We sat down with Price and Forget to talk about game days, the wives’ lounge, and when it’s time for fans and reporters to back off."


Luke Fox sits down with Angela & Martine for SPORTSNET to talk pregnancy, the press, private lives and season 2 of Hockey Wives.

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VIDEO: Angela's Vlog: How I Met Carey

Angela Price reveals the heartwarming story of how she and goaltender Carey Price first met.

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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes Publicity Photo Shoot

The Hockey Wives are back for Season 2!  Catch the behind the scenes exclusive video of their glamorous publicity photo shoot.

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Hockey Wives Season 2 Teaser

The Hockey Wives are back with a brand new game.This season the ladies behind some of hockey’s biggest stars bring their compelling stories to the screen. Surprising trades, nuptials, new contracts, new babies, difficult moves to new countries, painful goodbyes, injury and heartbreak.


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HELLO! Canada ExclusiveClip: Noureen Bribes Puck With Treats

In this exclusive deleted scene from season 1 of Hockey Wives, a very pregnant Noureen DeWulf must outwit the very sly Puck Miller and get him in his pen so she can go watch Ryan's game. Noureen, never one to back down from a challenge uses his one weakness against him... Find out what that is. Watch it here: HELLO Canada: Noureen DeWulf Bribes her French Bulldog Puck

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Watch the Hockey Wives Season Finale Google Hangout featuring Kodette, Brijet, and special guests, the brilliant comedian Debra DiGiovanni & Game of Homes star Cheryl Torrenueva


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The Home Lives of Hockey Wives

Find out what life is like at home for the Hockey Wives and their husbands when the cameras aren't rolling. How do they divide up the work at home? Who is really the boss? And find out which couple has a shared weakness for ketchup chips...

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EPISODE 7 GOOGLE HANGOUT WITH Nicole Brown, Emilie Blum & Wendy Tippett

This week, Nicole, Wendy and Emilie are joined by host Jamey Ordolis, sports broadcaster Monika Platek and Hockey Wives superfans to talk about their favourite moments from the season, to dish on some hockey trivia and tell stories from their time in hockey both in North America AND Europe

Google Hangout Week 7 Aftershow Ft. Nicole Brown, Wendy Tippett, and Emilie Blum

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Deleted Scene: Brijet Visits Wendy before the Obsessions of a Hockey Wife Party in LA

In this deleted scene from episode 6, Wendy Tippett is in LA for Brijet's party celebrating the relaunch of Obsessions of a Hockey Wife. Before the party, Brijet stops by Wendy's hotel room to touch base before the big event.

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Martine Forget, Jonathan Bernier & Baby Tyler Pose for Today's Parent Magazine

Follow Martine Forget and fiance, Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier, behind the scenes as they pose for the cover of Today's Parent with their newborn baby Tyler. Despite the fact Martine is a professional model, The Today's Parent shoot was the first time that the couple had ever posed together. Booking a cover for your very first photoshoot ever? Not bad little Tyler, not bad!

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Episode 6 Google Hangout with Martine Forget and Brijet Whitney

The LIVE Google Hangout Aftershow takes place directly after the show airs at 11PM EST.

This week features Martine and Brijet, with special guest radio host Dani Stover, hosted by Jamey Ordolis.


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VIDEO: W Dish's Total Crush is Maripier Morin

MP sat down with W Dish to share all her beauty, fashion and junk food must-haves...You'll never guess what her favourite snack is.

Check it out here: #WDishTotalCrush

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VIDEO: Making Love Last

We talked to the Hockey Wives about how to maintain a healthy, happy relationship in the midst of busy lives and often conflicting schedules. "Make time for each other," echo Kodette and Brijet. It's often easier said than done, but definitely worth the reminder. What do you think are keys to a successful partnership? 

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Maripier Morin Talks to ET Canada About Hockey Wives & Her Relationship with Brandon

At home in Montreal, Maripier introduces ET Canada to little Lola, talks about Hockey Wives, and apologizes to Brandon's mom for something she said on the show... Also, Brandon comes home from practice just in time to weigh in on whether there will be wedding bells any time soon...

WATCH HERE: Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust on ET Canada

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VIDEO: The Hockey Wives Style Guide

The Hockey Wives shared their varying personal style rules. Best tips come from model Martine Forget, who recommends doing your hair and makeup even on a sweatpants day, and from fashion designer Tiffany Parros, who reminds us that "the cheap becomes expensive" because you never end up wearing cheap or trendy pieces as much as quality classics. 

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Google Hangout Aftershow 5 featuring Kodette LaBarbera, Nicole Brown & special guest Jessi Cruickshank

Nicole has some wise words in reflection of the Kings narrowly missing the 2015 Stanley Cup Final in the Episode 5 Google Hangout. Aftershow hosted by Jamey Ordolis, with W Dish's Russell Sabio taking questions from social media.

Watch here: Hockey Wives Aftershow with Nicole, Kodette, and special guest Jessi Cruickshank

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First Date Stories From The Hockey Wives

Watch this video to find out which of the wives called her first date a "bloodbath", who kissed night one, and what Brandon Prust's makeout skills are like. 

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Emilie Blum: "What the Military Taught Me"

Before Emilie met Jon, she was an Intelligence Analyst in the US military. Emilie shares the best life lessons that her military career taught her and talks about her basic training videos she created for her blog Ebee's World.


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Building a Personal Brand with Jenny Scrivens

Jenny shares her advice as a communications expert for women who want to define and build a personal brand, including what aspects of their life and presentation they should be examining to put the best foot forward, and managing both your online and offline presence.



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Q107's Video Reviews for Hockey Wives Episodes 1-4

Have you caught up on all of Ryan Parker from Q107's video reviews of Hockey Wives? Highlights include Ryan turning to his wife after being inundated with a shirtless George Parros on screen, and asking her "Why did you marry me? I like mayonnaise??" Check them out here:

Ryan Parker Reviews Hockey Wives, Episode 4 ("FORE")

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HELLO! Canada Exclusive Web Extra: Noureen & TIffany do Prenatal Yoga

In this exclusive clip, viewers follow Noureen as she drags a reluctant Tiffany, and her sister-in-law to a pre-natal yoga class in Manhattan Beach.

Sportsnet: Review of Hockey Wives, Episode 4

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EPISODE 4 GOOGLE HANGOUT WITH Brijet Whitney, Kodette LaBarbera & Wendy Tippett

After tonight's episode of Hockey Wives at 10PM EST on W Network, the Google Hangout Aftershow at 11PM EST will feature Kodette LaBarbera, Brijet Whitney, Wendy Tippett, and very special guest Josie Dye! Hosted by Jamey Ordolis.

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Episode 4 Deleted Scene: Kodette & Brijet go Mini-Golfing in Scottsdale

In this deleted scene from episode 4, Kodette and Brijet reunite at a mini-golf course in Scottsdale, but things quickly go awry, as mom's on the go will certainly understand...

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Martine Forget interviewed by Roz and Mocha on Kiss 92.5

Martine Forget joined Roz and Mocha on Kiss 92.5 in Toronto to talk Hockey Wives, and ... to draw pictures of how she makes Jonathan feel better after a loss???!

Check out the fun here: Martine Forget interviewed on Kiss 92.5 in Toronto





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Martine Forget on Modelling

Martine Forget has been modelling since she was only 14 years old, but the latest challenge she's facing in Hockey Wives is getting into shape after the birth of her first baby with fiance Jonathan Bernier. In this video she looks back at her career and shares other stories and learning experiences, like what it was like to be on the Quebec version of The Price is Right. 

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YMC Talks to Kodette LaBarbera About Autism Parenting Challenges

In honour of Autism Awareness Month, The Yummy Mummy Club spoke to Kodette LaBarbera about the challenges she faces as a parent of an autistic child, and getting involved in Hockey Wives to help spread autism awareness.

Yummy Mummy Club: 'Hockey Wives' Star Talks Autism Parenting Challenges



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"Maripier is what those in the business might call a firecracker"

Check out this great Q&A Luke Fox did with Maripier for Sportsnet. There is no holding back here, where topics range from the pressure of live-tweeting Hockey Wives with Brandon, to watching Habs games and predicting this year's Stanley Cup Final teams:

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Brijet Whitney, wife of 23-year NHL vet Ray Whitney, is a mother of three, the creator of an online hockey wives community, Obsessions of a Hockey Wife, and a choreographer. In this video she shares the story of one of her biggest challenges as a choreographer and gives us tips for standing out in an audition.

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Find out what the Hockey Wives would tell their younger selves if they could, including how to deal with body images issues, where to focus their energy, and see which of the wives wouldn't change a thing.

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Tiffany Parros on How to Start a Business

We talked to Tiffany Parros about her business challenges and goals as the creator and owner of Plain Threads and got her best advice for starting your own business.

Tiffany's mantra for her clothing line is "If I'm not wearing it, I'm not selling it and if I can't find it, I'm going to make it." We're really into Tiffany's easy, sexy designs. 

Check out husband George's line, Violent Gentlemen, as well. 

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Hello! CANADA's Reality Check: 10 Best Quotes from Hockey Wives Episode 3

Martine returns to work after having a baby, Tiffany goes house hunting in a brand new city, Nicole deals with raising a family alone, Noureen is pregnant and partner-less, and MORE on episode 3 of Hockey Wives. Check out Hello! Canada's 10 best quotes:

Hello! CANADA's Reality Check: 10 Best Quotes from Hockey Wives Episode 3

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In Episode 3's Google Hangout Aftershow, we finally get the answer to the question: Sex on Game Day?? Yes or No and also Why or Why not? Nicole Brown and Emilie Blum are joined by special guest Aliya-Jasmine, W Dish's Russell Sabio and Hockey Wives fan Trish, hosted by Jamey Ordolis.

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Kodette writes about her family's autism journey for Today's Parent Magazine

The LaBarberas made the choice to live apart to help their son with autism get the best possible care. Check out the great article Kodette wrote about her journey since Ryder's diagnosis in Today's Parent. Happy #WorldAutismAwarenessDay!

"Our Autism Story: The Tough Decision We Made"


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After tonight's episode of Hockey Wives at 10PM EST on W Network, the Google Hangout Aftershow at 11PM EST will feature Nicole Brown and Emilie Blum, and very special guest Aliya-Jasmine! Hosted by Jamey Ordolis.

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Fitness Tips from the Hockey Wives

The wives share their best advice for getting fit and staying that way for the long term, especially for busy women and moms

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JENNY'S JOURNAL: On Trades & Focusing on What you CAN Control

Last January, I went to work like every other weekday. Ben was leaving later that morning on a mid-western road trip, so I said good bye and left around 6am to beat the LA traffic. For those of you who haven’t been to LA before, you can’t mention driving with complaining about the traffic. It’s almost a bragging right to see who has the longest commute to work. (And for the record, I had the longest commute at our office)

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Brijet and Kodette's Life Hacks for Busy Moms

Moms Brijet Whitney and Kodette LaBarbera share their best tips for managing family life if you're a mom-on-the-go.

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The Hockey News: Exclusive Roundtable with Hockey Wives: Who has the most "stamina?"

ICYMI: The Hockey News asked the Hockey Wives some questions about what life is like when you're married to game, and lot of very interesting revelations were had...including that George Parros is one popular guy! Check it out here: The Hockey News: Exclusive Roundtable with Hockey Wives: Who has the most "stamina?"

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Maripier Morin Talks Working in TV

French Canadian TV star Maripier Morin is currently the co-host of Ménage à trois on V télé. The former figure skater started her career on a French reality show called Double Occupancy ("Occupation Double") and has since become a Canaidan It girl and fashion icon. Still, she faces the impermanent nature of her field and shares some of her hopes, experiences and advice with us in this video.

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Why Hockey for Girls

Jenny Scrivens and Nicole Brown, both former hockey players themselves, explain why hockey is great for women. 

Nicole and Jenny are friends who love to talk hockey together. Jenny actually met her husband, Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens, while playing hockey at Cornell University in New York.

Follow Jenny Scrivens on Instagram for images of both hers and Ben's hockey adventures. 

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The Hockey Wives pick their favourite teams amongst the ones their boyfriends and husbands played for. 

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From The National Post: Can you correctly match the Hockey Wives with their Hockey Husbands?

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HELLO! Canada Chats with the Hockey Wives


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Hockey Wives Episode 2 Aftershow Kodette LaBarbera, Brijet Whitney and Tiffany Parros + Special Guests!

In this second post-show Google Hangout with the wives, Kodette LaBarbera, Brijet Whitney and Tiffany Parros join host Jamey Ordolis, radio host Dani Stover and social media fan @Karmacake, to talk about the first episode, dish on behind the scenes, answer fan questions & more!  Plus, some surprise appearances by their husbands, kids, and Brijet's "hockey tribe" friends.

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In this deleted scene from episode 2, Jenny Scrivens tells the story of how she and husband Ben Scrivens -- goalie for the Edmonton Oilers, first met, and then takes viewers to work with her at The Ronald MacDonald House of Northern Alberta. 

The Edmonton Journal: Jenny Scrivens on Hockey Wives

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The Dos and Don'ts of Early Dating

The Hockey Wives share their best advice for single women for the early stages of dating.

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Hockey Wives After Show Google Hangout with Brij, Kodette & Tiff

After tonight's series premiere of Hockey Wives at 10PM EST on W Network, we are hosting a Google Hangout Aftershow at 11PM EST with Tiffany Parros, Brijey Whitney and Kodette LaBarbera!

-------> WATCH THE HANGOUT HERE <-------

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The Online Lives of Hockey Wives: MARTINE FORGET

Find out what digital addiction keeps Martine up at night, the major online splurge she and Jonathan Bernier made and more!

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JENNY'S JOURNAL: How NOT to Plan a Hockey Wedding

In a series of weekly blog posts, Jenny Scrivens will be sharing some of her best stories and advice for our Hockey Wives exclusive, "Jenny's Journal". Jenny is the Communications Manager at Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta and she met her husband, Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens, while playing hockey at Cornell University in New York State. Enjoy her first post!


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